Rehearsal Plans 02.11.22 – 8-9pm

Oooh it feels like ages since we’ve sung! I know we also have new singers to welcome which is fab!

Let’s have a warm up with some vocal stuff and get cracking with….’Angels’

Don’t worry…. Christmas is coming soon… but until then,. we have several songs which went down really well since we got back singing in September.

There are a couple of high harmonies for this and a low one – we’ll see how far along we get!

Topical, let’s sing ‘Firework’!

We’ll have a little time for a tea breakout (gin/wine/whatever) then get back on it with

I’d like to make a start on some ‘wintery’ songs as opposed to necessarily ‘Christmassy’ ones…

If you’re not familiar with this, it sounds like this…..

White Winter Hymnal – Kari All Parts Guide Track

And this….

Let’s finish with a couple of Liberty Bangers

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