Rehearsal Planning Wednesday 4th May 8-9pm

Now starts the serious business of learning the song for our virtual recording and video! I would love as many people as possible to be included in this – please spread the word.

We’ll start with an old favourite! Our recording from last year.

Serious stuff now – let’s make a start on Together Again. It’s in 4 parts with the option for a solo…. if anyone feels brave enough….

And a little rest with something easy….

Tea Breakout etc then on to a bit more teaching

Let’s also have a sing through of this one…

And this….

I will create teaching videos for Together Again for anyone who misses the session and we’ll be continuing this in the next morning session. I’ll also be making decisions about the video and all of this needs to be DONE by 18th June to allow me time to mix and edit. Yikes! We can do it!!

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