Rehearsal Planning 15.06.22 (8-9pm)

It’s never too late to join us!

We’ll have a warm up as usual to get ourselves prepared and ready for the singing.

I’d like to go over 1000 years again which is a very simple 2 part song

1000 Years HIGH

1000 Years LOW

We voted to sing a new song too! ‘Human’ by the Killers so we’ll make a start on the harmony parts for this.

I’d like to look forward to the summer with you all!

We’ll have a break and a chat etc. Then I’d like to move on to ‘Memories’ again and look at some of those harmonies together.

In keeping with our summer theme, let’s go back to ‘The Summer of 69’ which we sang last year

And a little bit of ‘Club Tropicana’!

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