Rehearsal Planning 11.01.23 – 8-9pm

As per the rehearsal last week, we will be working on the following things!

We’ll warm up, or course. You asked for ‘We’ve only just begun’ so we’ll have a song through and then I’ll take you through the 4 part harmony underneath. Of course it sounds a lot, but you only have to sing one part!

Despite not scoring particularly highly, I’d like to make a start on ‘Giant’ as I have massive plans for this cross-choir song. I’ve created an arrangement which we’ll start working with.

Giant – Guide Master All Parts

Let’s go back in time to an old favourite

Then we’ll have a tea breakout!

We’ve already started ‘Angels’ but it would be great to have a recap at the parts.

And let’s have another sing through of ‘Days’ which you liked last time.

I’d like to start planning for a recording so we’ll have a little vote on that. ‘Giant’ will get recorded at some point but that will be a collaboration – we need something just for us too.

Let’s finish with a couple of rousing things….

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