Rehearsal Plan Wednesday 23rd June 9.30am

We’ll do a vocal warm up to reach some top and bottom notes.

I’d then like to have a sing through of ‘One Day Like This’ – to see if we can remember what we learned at the back half of the song last time.

Our main work focus this session will be ‘Happy Ending’ – I’ll pop the harmony parts up in full after the session – there are 7 parts! Lots of them are quite high (but this doesn’t stop me from wanting to get a few more MEN along to join us……)

We’ll finish with ‘A Little Respect’ and if there’s time, ‘California Dreamin’.

Looking forward to seeing you all! Remember, the doors are never closed to new singers – even if they think they can’t sing or they can only make a few session here and there. The positive impact on mental health of singing is best shared so please invite your colleagues to join us if they can!

Kari x

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