Rehearsal Plan Wednesday 11th August 9.30-10am

It’s our final meet up before our little summer break. We are back in September!

Here are the dates:

September: 1st 9.30-10am 8th 8-9pm 15th 9.30-10am 29th 9.30-10am

October 6th 8-9pm 13th 9.30-10am 27th 9.30-10am

November 3rd 8-9pm 10th 9.30-10am 24th 9.30-10am

December 1st 8-9pm

We are going with 2 half hour morning sessions and on full hour evening session per month as discussed.

Wednesday morning:

We’ll have a warm up and continue with a bit of ‘Happy ending’

Then we’ll go for some summer singing just for the sheer joy of it!

Let’s sing ‘The Summer of 69’

And ‘Under the boardwalk’

And we can finish with OUR version of ‘A Little Respect’ x

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