Rehearsal Plan 30.06.21 8pm

We’ll do some lovely vocal warm ups making some odd sounds (these are great if you;re about to speak for long periods of time, if you’re presenting for example or need to speak in meetings either online or in person. Just saying!)

We’ll work a little more on ‘Happy Ending’ working further into the song with some more harmony parts.

We’ll start on some of the high harmonies on ‘A Little Respect’ – the warm ups will have come in handy here!

‘One day like this’ – If there’s time, I’ll take you through some of the lower harmonies.

And to finish, we’ll go back in time and sing along to our own recording of ‘Let it be’ created last March.

Looking forward to seeing you all – bonus brownie points if ANYONE can get any MEN along to join us!

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