Rehearsal Plan 29.09.21 – 9.30am

We’ll be back ready to bring brightness to the start of your day on Wednesday!

Here’s the plan: at the end of the session we’ll have a little vote on what song we are going to record. This will give us time to get into the nitty gritty of it during the next session on 6th October which is our hour long evening session.

So, let’s start the day with a bit of ‘Waterloo’ – we’ve got it in 2 parts at the moment which will sound marvellous.

I’d like to sing both ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Eternal Flame’ with you also. Both of these songs are arranged in 4 parts.

I’d then like to veer off track slightly with something happy and bright so let’s have a go at ‘Paradise’ by George Ezra – just to wake us all up a bit!

See you at 9.30am!

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