Rehearsal Plan 16.06.21 8pm

Here’s the plan….. we sang through the songs on the 9th and we’ve polled to see the most popular. This will always inform my planning.

We’ll have a warm up. I’d like to teach you how to reach your high notes because there are so many coming your way!

We’ll have a sing through of ‘A Little Respect’ – it’s in three parts and the harmonies are all on your website. I’ll take a section and we’ll work on it together. You’re not expected to prepare ahead of the sessions – it’s totally optional.

Sweet Disposition – we’ll have a sing through of this.

One day like this. I’d like to take you through the throwing curtains section at the end! It builds and builds……

We’ll then move on to Happy Ending – we’ll see how much learning we can get done on this one. I’ll be trying to get the sweetest voice and sound out of everyone for this.

Let’s finish with ‘California’ Dreamin’ – it’s always good to finish on one we know xxx

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