Rehearsal Plan 15.09.21 (9.30-10am)

Hi Everyone! Ready for the next rehearsal? It’s the short one this time so a tiny bit of teaching and some feel good singing….

We’ll have a warm up with ‘Turn Around’ – the words are easy and repetitive so I’ll teach them by ear on the morning.

‘Eternal Flame’ – soooo love this one but it really is quite high in places! See if you can hit those top notes thinking about the high hair hoodie thing. I’ll run through this again for anyone who’s unsure.

I’d like to dip a toe into ‘With or Without you’ just the first little 2 part bit of harmony….. then we’ll have a sing through.

We can sing through ‘Chasing Cars’ then we need a bit of a lift with……. ‘Waterloo’. It’s in 2 parts – the higher part you’ll know as the usual tune….. the lower part I’ll run through again for anyone who missed it last time. The harmonies are on this website for anyone who likes to get ahead!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday – PLEASE remind your fellow singers of the session and if there’s anyone in your organisation you’d like to share it with, they’d be very welcome to come along!!!

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