Rehearsal Plan 06.10.21 (8-9pm)

Here’s the plan!

Some sort of vocal warm up as ever… we might need to come back to this at the end the we are fully warmed up!!

Chasing Cars – this is what we’ve decided to record. We’ll go through the harmonies and also the style in which I’d like you to sing it. I’d like you ALL to record the yellow/green and then pick one other part to record.

Chasing Cars – ALL PARTS Guide Track
Chasing Cars – YELLOW AND GREEN TUNE – Guide Track.
Chasing Cars – RED – Guide Track
Chasing Cars – PINK – Guide Track
Chasing Cars – BLUE – Guide Track

I’d love to have a sing through of ‘With or Without You’

and a little go at ‘Fix You’

We’ll finish with a bit of ‘Waterloo’

and ‘Eternal Flame’

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