Rehearsal Notes and Audio 28.07.21

NHSBT 28.07.21 Zoom Rehearsal

Lovely to see some new faces!! Welcome (back) xxx

We started with ‘Walk the dinosaur’ as our warm up – I love it when you all join in!

We worked mostly on ‘Happy Ending’ with the two high harmonies at the start. We also talked about the type of gentle little voice for the start of this song. The building of the harmonies and tone of the song aren’t just simply about volume, it’s the emotion behind the singing!

The harmonies for ‘Happy Ending’ are on the website – you can have a listen but you’re not expected to prepare before sessions unless you want to.

We sang through “Africa’ and finished with ‘A Little Respect’

The recording deadline for ‘A Little Respect’ is Saturday 31st July at Midnight – I’ll be mixing it on Sunday and will present to you at our next session on Wednesday 4th August which will be an extended Sea Shanty workshop!!!!

Thank you for your energy and smiles today xxxx

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