Rehearsal Notes and Audio 23.06.21

NHSBT Liberty Singers 23.06.21 Zoom Rehearsal

We started with some vocal warm ups exploring the different voices we have and how to use articulation. Apologies these aren’t on the recording – we’ll be going over to all again. And probably again!

We sang through ‘One day like this’ keeping an ear out for where the harmonies are. The harmony parts are on the website if anyone fancies a listen between sessions – I will be teaching each one so there’s no need to prepare unless you want to.

‘Happy ending’ – we did most of our work on this! The arrangement I’ve created starts in unison and has little pockets of harmony peeping through. We don’t want to give everything away right a the start! There’s some high harmony in the first section which we went through. Then back to unison. We then get back to the ‘Mika’ section where we remain in unison again with just a little flash of high harmony on the end lines.

Next time, we’ll go over the oohhhssss which are under and over the next chorus of ‘this is the way you left me’

We finished with a rousing sing of ‘Little Respect’! Lovely energy and smiles all round – thank you all.

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