Rehearsal Notes and Audio 16.06.21

Thanks to everyone who came along sing tonight!

We warmed up ‘The Bongo Song’ – I love you lot! You just get on with it!

We did some work on top notes and bottom notes. It’s possible to increase your range just by using the extremes of your range but please never try to hit a note if it hurts!

We started to learn the harmony on ‘Little Respect’. The whole of the first section is in unison (sung all together) but you really need to warm up as the range is massive in this song. The lowest part (blue) sounds ooohhhhh before it comes back in with the echo of the words. These harmonies can be found on this website. The red part is HIGH!! And I mean REALLY HIGH! Don’t risk it unless you’re a proper soprano…..

Sweet Disposition – just a sing through of this song because I know not everyone is familiar with it.

One day like this – we worked from the back of this song with the ‘throw your curtains wide’ section. This is from 3 mins 17 of the tracks which can be found on the website. Everyone starts with the same tune then the yellows keep that tune whilst one by one, each colour peels off away from the tune.

And then we ran out of time!!!!! Oh no!

Quick poll to sing ‘Happy ending’ which went down really well!

NHSBT Liberty Singers 16.06.21 Zoom rehearsal

We’ll have a really good go at Happy Ending next time x

I’m always interested to hear how singing makes people feel. This poll really made my heart sing tonight x

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