Rehearsal Notes and Audio 13.07.22

NHSBT 13.07.22 Part 1
NHSBT 13.07.22 Part 2

Lovely to see you all last night!

I talked a little bit about the Code of Conduct which can be found on your website. This is a choir leader industry thing and isn’t aimed at anyone our any particular problem. It’s there to protect you and me and is fairly straight forward. I will share the link in the WhatsApp group too.

We had a go through on both parts for 1000 years – I’d like everyone to record both please. The conducting videos are on this website with the folders to upload to. You know how it all works!

We started a new song ‘The Rose / We are sailing’ which went down really well. It’s a beautiful arrangement by Abi Moore. We worked through the first verse in all of the three parts. Well done everyone! I think this is going to be a winner….

Then we sang some old classics – Eternal Flame and Happy Ending.

I taught the chorus harmonies for Club Tropicana. This is so that you can belt it out with your mates over the summer and wow them with your harmonises – you’re welcome. And we finished with Lovely Day.

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