Rehearsal Notes and Audio 09.06.21

Thanks to everyone who came along to sing today! (and for my birthday song xxxx where we all experienced the full horror of time delays on zoom and laughed along the way – I really appreciated it – thank you)

Heres what we got up to!

We started with some kariography in our warm up song which was ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ from the film Trolls. Easy to follow and a real feel good song.

We didn’t do any vocal exercises as I was conscious of time and wanted to make sure we got to sing through all of the chosen songs.

One day like this – a really lovely song! We sang along to a cover and I played a little snippet of what it would sound like once arranged for choir. You can have a listen here:

One day like this – The Online Liberty Singers 2021

California Dreamin’ – this song has a classic call and response aspect to it but there are underlying harmonies littered around too.

Sweet Disposition – this one isn’t so well known but it really has become a choir anthem for my community choir, my previous community choir AND the kids choir from when I taught primary school children. It has the capacity to be amazing. The video below is a virtual recording set to old footage (pre-pandemic) of my community choir singing in our local pub!

Happy ending – another brilliant choice! I’m looking to rearrange this so that there are more things for people to sing so please watch this space!

Little Respect – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this song! A great finish.

Here’s the full rehearsal audio should anyone want to catch up or re-listen.

NHSBT Liberty Singers Zoom Rehearsal 09.06.21
And here’s the final poll results. So it looks like we’ll be digging a little deeper into Little Respect and Happy Ending with a dash of One day like this x

Thank you all again!

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