Rehearsal Notes 08.06.22

NHSBT 08.06.22 Part 1

Thanks for bearing with me today while I did this….. we call it ‘zoom doom’ amongst the online choir brigade! In my haste to get started for part 2, I’ve sent the audio to be saved in a mysterious location and now can’t find it….. I will do better!


NHSBT 08.06.22 Part 2

It was lovely to see you all today! Really pleased with the sound we’ve created on ‘Together Again’ – well done and thank you to everyone who took part in the audio recording. Now for the video…. PLEASE send something in!! Even if you’re not on the audio recording! You’re still here and part of the project! I’ll be making a first cut on Friday so please get as much to me as possible by Thursday evening.

‘Human’ by the Killers came top of the poll and so we’ll start to learn that at the next session which is Wednesday 15th June 8-9pm.

…. and this really made my day. Thank you xxx

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