Rehearsal Notes – 01.09.21 9.30am

So lovely to see you all again!

It was a whistle stop tour through the songs chosen this morning just to get a feel for them and to get us set up for the day. We sang along with the original artists then I played a snippet of the ‘choir’ versions I’d created and recorded to give a flavour of what we could achieve. We ran out of time and didn’t sing ‘Take on me’ but we’ll get to that next week!

So, when we meet next week for our hour long session 8-9pm we’ll be working on the harmonies for Waterloo and Chasing Cars. We will also sing ‘Take on me’ and other songs but the main focus and area of work will be these two. I’ll also do a decent, proper warm up and a tiny bit of vocal technique with you all. There will be a short break in the breakout rooms to help people connect with others. If you don’t want to attend the breakout rooms, you really don’t have to! You can turn off your camera and go to make a cup of tea, stay in the main room with me or do whatever you need to do. It’s really no pressure on anyone.

Really looking forward to seeing you all next week again! Thanks for your energy and smiling faces this morning. x

NHSBT 01.09.21 Rehearsal Audio

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