Rehearsal Audio and Notes 08.09.21

NHSBT Zoom audio 08.09.21

Lovely to see you all for our extended session tonight!

We had a warm up and did a few long notes…. we also investigated the difference in the types of voices we can use in our singing.

Waterloo – we sang this and learned the lower harmony – it’s in just 2 parts. Actually, it’s not that low at all! I’ll pop the harmonies on the site under the password so that if anyone wants to catch up or practice before next week, they can.

Fix you – a really lovely sign through of this one.

Little Respect – we sang along to our own recording of this – just to lift our spirits!

Chasing Cars – we worked on the harmonies for this. It’s in 4 parts but the main tune takes up a lot of voices. We used a raindrop type of voice (I might later refer to this as skittles – the sweets not the ten pin bowling type) as we need the articulation between the notes to make it sound gentle and lovely.

Eternal Flame – we sang along to a 4 part choir recording – it transpires that the 80s are, in general, thought to be the best decade for singing!

With or without you – again we sang along to a choir recording. and we managed to squeeze in

Let it be! Which was our original recording.

We’ll continue with Chasing Cars at the next session and make a start on With or Without you…….

Thanks for your energy and love tonight x

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