Rehearsal Audio and Notes 06.10.21

NHSBT 06.10.21 Zoom rehearsal

Check out the audio at 32 minutes!!! Happy Birthday Victoria!!!

Lovely to see you all tonight everyone xxxx Here’s what we got up to.

We did the Mika Grace Kelly Harmony Challenge which was…. hilarious!

‘Chasing Cars’ – a really brief whip through the harmonies but lots of chat about the articulation and not holding on to the letter ssssss in places. This is the recording project and the conducting videos are already up on the website with the folders to save your audio files to!

‘With or without you’ – we worked on the harmony from ‘my hands are tied’ – there’s some singing octaves apart – watch out reds, it’s quite high! It’s a really lovely version of the song – hope you liked it.

‘Fix You’ beautiful song. Love it. We just had a sing through of this tonight.

‘Eternal Flame’ again another sing through …..

‘Waterloo’ we’d learned the low harmony for this last times sang along to the 2 part version

Here’s what we liked….

I was particularly impressed with the pets who joined us tonight. Thank you Saffron (the dog), Bjorn (the cat) and Rosie (the cat) who apparently taps at the window to be let in when Helen is singing!! How cute!

We also chatted about having some more upbeat songs for the next session which is next Wednesday in the morning x I’ll find some Liberty Bangers for you.

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