Little Respect – Harmonies

This song has a MASSIVE range which is why I usually sing it towards the end of a session to give people time to warm up their voices! Don’t ever stretch to notes you know you can’t hit, either high or low. Over time, your vocal range will develop and your range will naturally expand… if you look after your voice.

The tune for this is taken by the yellows and the greens – it’s quite a strong tune. The recording below has the red harmony added so you can hear where it goes. It’s VERY high!

Little Respect main tune (with red harmony)
Little Respect RED harmony (high)
Little Respect BLUE Harmony (low)

I’d suggest learning your part on it’s own first. The tune is obviously the easiest. Then you can attempt to keep your part as you sing along with the whole thing….

Little Respect – ALL PARTS (Guide Track)

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