Rehearsal Plan 01.06.22

I will talk to you all about the video for our project as well as running through the song one more time.

I’d like to have another go at learning the harmonies for 1000 years

I’d like to have a go at something new….

We’ll have a tea breakout and come back with some ‘Liberty Bangers’!

Let’s throw back to an old favourite of ours…

Back to this..

And to finish…. the platinum jubilee song!

Rehearsal Planning 25.05.22

We need to get a move on with our recording project!!

Today’s session will start with a warm up and then I’ll go through the harmonies on ‘Together Again’ and have a sing through.

I also need to talk about the video and make a start to allocate the sections I want people to film please.

If we’ve time, we’ll have a sing through of

We’ll end with something rousing and wonderful

Rehearsal Planning Wednesday 4th May 8-9pm

Now starts the serious business of learning the song for our virtual recording and video! I would love as many people as possible to be included in this – please spread the word.

We’ll start with an old favourite! Our recording from last year.

Serious stuff now – let’s make a start on Together Again. It’s in 4 parts with the option for a solo…. if anyone feels brave enough….

And a little rest with something easy….

Tea Breakout etc then on to a bit more teaching

Let’s also have a sing through of this one…

And this….

I will create teaching videos for Together Again for anyone who misses the session and we’ll be continuing this in the next morning session. I’ll also be making decisions about the video and all of this needs to be DONE by 18th June to allow me time to mix and edit. Yikes! We can do it!!

Welcome Back! 27.04.22 (9-9.30am)

Here we are again! Happy as can be!

Here’s the link if you’ve lost it

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And here are our songs!

We’ll start with a warm up and a hello!

I’d like to have a sing through of this one

Let’s re-live one of our old recordings!

And have a crack at this for a bit of uplift

And we’ll finish with

I know some of you will have to dash off at 10am but I’ll stay online for chatting afterwards if anyone is free to hang around and catch up a bit more!

Rehearsal Plan 01.12.21 – 8-9pm

We’ll be full of Christmas cheer for our final session!!!!!

We’ll have a warm up as always then get stuck in to ‘2000 Miles’ once more as this is the recording project.

Let’s have some festive fun with ‘Underneath the Tree’

I’d love a go at ‘Last Christmas’

Let’s go with ‘Do they now it’s Christmas time?’

And ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’

and ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’

Rehearsal Plan Wednesday 10th November 9.30-10am

We’ll start with a warm up to get us all in the mood for singing!

I’d like to have a sing through again of 2000 Miles as this is our recording project and we don’t have many rehearsals left to teach – although the deadline for the song is 11th December.

LET’S HEAR OUR RECORDING!!! Well done to everyone on this! We had 17 separate vocal parts… see what you think!

I’d like to lift the mood this morning with something a little different……..

Let’s have a go at these!

Rehearsal Plan Wednesday 3rd November – 8-9pm

We’ll have one last blast through ‘Chasing Cars’ as we’ve popped an extension on this until Saturday 6th November.

I’d like to make a start with you all on ‘2000 Miles’ which is the recording project I’m doing with ALL Liberty Singers for Christmas – we don’t have many sessions left so I’m keen to really get this nailed as soon as possible.

Let’s have a lovely sing through of ‘Let it Be’ which was our first ever recording project with loads of voices on it!

Let’s go back in time and have a little bit of learning of ‘Africa’ which we haven’t sung for ages!

And then, to finish, we can have a blast through of ‘Sweet Caroline’

Rehearsal Plan Wednesday 27th October 9.30am

Let’s brighten up the day with some joy!!!

We’ll start with ‘Moves like Jagger’ as this went down so well last time!

We’ll have a sing through of ‘Chasing Cars’ as this is what I’m asking you to record! Deadline is Saturday 30th October so if you’ve any questions…. now is the time.

Let’s go 80s old school with ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’

Let’s calm things a little with ‘Fix you’

And end with last sessions favourite….

Rehearsal Plan 13.10.21 – 9.30am

Let’s get the day started with some uplifting stuff!

We’ll have a sing through of ‘Waterloo’ as we’ve been working on this.

Let’s go nuts and sing something totally different….. ‘Moves Like Jagger’ is a total classic!

We’ll have a sing through of ‘Chasing Cars’ as this is our next recording project…

We’ll keep the up tempo feel of this mornings session with ‘Paradise’.

And if we’ve time…. let’s squeeze in a little bit of ‘Mr Brightside’

Let’s see how many pets join us this week! xxxxx