Rehearsal Planning 01.02.23 (9-9.30am)

The morning session this week guys! Let’s start with a warm up then I’d like to run through some of our older recorded songs as we prepare for the gig on 8th March!

Quick whip through a little bit of the harmonies for ‘We’ve only just begun’ – depends who’s on the call.

Let’s raise the roof and start our day the way we mean to go on.

Rehearsal Planning 18.01.23 [9-9.30am]

Let us lift our spirits on these cold grey mornings!

We’ll have a warm up to get us all moving.

Let’s sing through ‘We’ve only just begun’ focussing on the tune. This is our recording project and I’d like everyone to record a Yellow (tune) part as well as one other harmony (more if you want to!)

I’d like another sing through of ‘Giant’ as this is the cross-choir super song this term.

Let’s have a bit of fun with a bit of ‘Ain’t no Mountain’ – a fantastic feel good song.

And a little spot of ABBA…

Let’s finish with a bit of….

Rehearsal Planning 11.01.23 – 8-9pm

As per the rehearsal last week, we will be working on the following things!

We’ll warm up, or course. You asked for ‘We’ve only just begun’ so we’ll have a song through and then I’ll take you through the 4 part harmony underneath. Of course it sounds a lot, but you only have to sing one part!

Despite not scoring particularly highly, I’d like to make a start on ‘Giant’ as I have massive plans for this cross-choir song. I’ve created an arrangement which we’ll start working with.

Giant – Guide Master All Parts

Let’s go back in time to an old favourite

Then we’ll have a tea breakout!

We’ve already started ‘Angels’ but it would be great to have a recap at the parts.

And let’s have another sing through of ‘Days’ which you liked last time.

I’d like to start planning for a recording so we’ll have a little vote on that. ‘Giant’ will get recorded at some point but that will be a collaboration – we need something just for us too.

Let’s finish with a couple of rousing things….

Rehearsal Planning 04.01.23 – 9-9.30am

Quick blast and a welcome back! Let’s see how much good feeling we can get out of today’s session! We’ll be having a sing through of some new songs so I can get a feel for what you’d like to work on more…. as well as going back to some of the songs we started before Christmas and never finished!

Rehearsal Planning 14.12.22 – 8-9pm

Ring a linga linga ding dong ding!

Here’s goes the festive cheer! Let’s start traditional..

Let have a bit of this too…

And I’d like to present to you, your recording of ‘Somewhere only we know’

Little break – then back with something that might belike a Christmas present before we go on to the raucous singing starting with

(Please feel free to adjust the lyrics to suit you)

And let’s finish with 2 classic recordings from last year!

Rehearsal Planning 30.11.22

Oooh it’s getting exciting now! Our next recording is coming! We’ll have a warm up – something festive and lovely. Then let’s crack straight on with ‘Somewhere only we know’

The conducting videos are all on the website and the deadline for recordings is Saturday 19th December please. this gives me time to mix and present back to you before Christmas.

We’ll stay a little festive with ‘White Winter Hymnal’

and I thought we could have a lovely go at ‘Carol of the Bells’

Tea Breakout…. then back to business!

Let’s go full of 80’s with ‘Last Chtistmas’

And a little bit of The Ronettes…

Let’s go for ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’!

And we’ll finish with our version of 2000 Miles from our recording last year.

Rehearsal Planning 23.11.22 – 9-9.30am

It’s getting closer to Christmas singing……

We’ll have a lively warm up etc.

I’d like to teach the chorus section of ‘Somewhere only we know’

Let’s have a throwback to one of your recordings…

Back on to ‘White Winter Hymnal’ which is a truly lovely thing.

And moving closer to the big day…. a bit of ‘Winter Wonderland’

And a bit of ‘Let it be’

Rehearsal Planning 09.11.22.- 9-9.30am

It’s the morning session! A lovely vocal warm up first just to get us all going!

We’ll start with another sing through of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ and learn the oohhsss for that…. as this is going to be our next recording!

We’ll have another sing through of ‘White Winter Hymnal’ which went down really well the other evening.

Let’s get ourselves ready for the working week with an uplifting couple of songs to finish!

And a rousing bit of this to finish!

Rehearsal Plans 02.11.22 – 8-9pm

Oooh it feels like ages since we’ve sung! I know we also have new singers to welcome which is fab!

Let’s have a warm up with some vocal stuff and get cracking with….’Angels’

Don’t worry…. Christmas is coming soon… but until then,. we have several songs which went down really well since we got back singing in September.

There are a couple of high harmonies for this and a low one – we’ll see how far along we get!

Topical, let’s sing ‘Firework’!

We’ll have a little time for a tea breakout (gin/wine/whatever) then get back on it with

I’d like to make a start on some ‘wintery’ songs as opposed to necessarily ‘Christmassy’ ones…

If you’re not familiar with this, it sounds like this…..

White Winter Hymnal – Kari All Parts Guide Track

And this….

Let’s finish with a couple of Liberty Bangers