Rehearsal Notes and Audio

Firstly, if you haven’t heard to already – Harbour!

Harbour NHSBT and ICU Liberty Singers.

We had a lovely session!

NHSBT 24.05.23

Looking forward to seeing you for the morning session on June 9th – we’ll be singing ONLY songs from 1973. It’s my birthday week. It might be a big one……..

After that we have one evening session and then a final morning one. xxxxx

Rehearsal Audio 17.05.23

NHSBT 17.05.23 Part 1

NHSBT 17.05.23 Part 2

Lovely to see you al last night! Apologies for my internet connection which froze and made us laugh several times.

I’ve never seen such an evenly balanced poll! Hurray!

Don’t forget to get your recordings in by Saturday Night please!

Rehearsal Audio 10.05.23

NHSBT 10.05.23 9-9.30am Session

A lovely rousing sing through of our old classic songs! Thanks for coming along xx

Next session is the evening and I’ll run through Harbour again with you as the recording deadline is 20th May. We’ll also work through Days and Everybody’s Changing.

See you then!

Rehearsal Audio and Notes 18.01.23

NHSBT 18.01.23

Lovely to see you all this morning. I think we got the party started as soon as ABBA came on! Nice moves!

We sang through the Tune/Yellow part for ‘We’ve only just begun’ and talked a bit about breathing and how to expand those long notes to stop them becoming stale and dull. Think like a stingray. We agreed to put the conducting video up for the Yellow part so that people can make a start – we’re not meeting again until 1st February (morning session).

SuperSong not going down too well today! I will persevere…….

See you all next time!

Rehearsal Audio 11.01.23

NHSBT 11.01.23 Part 1
NHSBT 11.01.23 Part 2

Ooh lovely to see you all tonight including cats!!!

Lots of good songs! Some very happy faces! Loved it.

we are going move ahead with our next recording project!

So next week in the morning session we’ll go over the song again. I’d like everyone to learn the main tune and take on one additional harmony part (or more, if you’re feeling brave!)