Rehearsal Audio and Notes 18.01.23

NHSBT 18.01.23

Lovely to see you all this morning. I think we got the party started as soon as ABBA came on! Nice moves!

We sang through the Tune/Yellow part for ‘We’ve only just begun’ and talked a bit about breathing and how to expand those long notes to stop them becoming stale and dull. Think like a stingray. We agreed to put the conducting video up for the Yellow part so that people can make a start – we’re not meeting again until 1st February (morning session).

SuperSong not going down too well today! I will persevere…….

See you all next time!

Rehearsal Audio 11.01.23

NHSBT 11.01.23 Part 1
NHSBT 11.01.23 Part 2

Ooh lovely to see you all tonight including cats!!!

Lots of good songs! Some very happy faces! Loved it.

we are going move ahead with our next recording project!

So next week in the morning session we’ll go over the song again. I’d like everyone to learn the main tune and take on one additional harmony part (or more, if you’re feeling brave!)

Rehearsal Notes 04.01.23

NHSBT 04.01.23

Lovely to see you today! We sang through some new stuff and some old stuff…

So judging by this poll, we’ll continue with ‘Angels’ for the next session and start the harmonies for ‘We’ve only just begun’ – they’re tricky but they’re worth it!

We’ll also work a little more on ‘Days’ and ‘Green green grass’ as well as singing through some old favourites.

We are going to be working on getting our profile raised to encourage new singers – this popped up in the survey from the end of last year. Let’s see if we can spread more joy and happiness!

Rehearsal Audio 14.12.22

NHSBT 14.12.22 Part 1
NHSBT 14.12.22 Part 2

And here’s your recording of ‘Somewhere only we know’!

Somewhere Only We Know NHSBT Master

We are back on Wednesday 4th January for the morning session!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Thanks for your continued support and singing.

Rehearsal Notes and Audio 23.11.22

NHSBT 23.11.22

Lovely to see you today! We went through the chorus harmonies for ‘Somewhere only we know’ as this is our next recording project. We are going to try to promote this to get some more singers involved! Lovely to se Rosie as ever.

We sng ‘A Little Respect’ just to lift us – your recording of course. We then went briefly through the parts for ‘White Winter hymnal’ which is an acapella song originally by the Fleet Foxes but more recently re-imagined by Pentatonix. It’s gorgeous.

We walked in a ‘Winter Wonderland’ ands finished with your recording of ‘Let it Be’.

A very positive poll today!

Rehearsal Audio and Notes 09.11.22

NHSBT 09.11.22

Lovely morning session today! Thanks to all who joined us.

We made a start on the oohs for ‘Somewhere only we know’. I’ll post the harmonies today. This will be out next recording project and I’d like everyone to take 2 parts…. I will explain in the sessions x

We had a sing through of ‘White Winter Hymnal’ which sent a few of you down a Pentatonix hole on you tube!

‘Summer Son’ was very much enjoyed and we finished with the total classic ‘California Dreamin”. Loved the feedback from today xxxx

Rehearsal Audio and Notes 02.11.22

NHSBT 02.11.22 Part 1
NHSBT 02.11.22 Part 2

Lovely to see you all last night! We sang and learned and chatted and even got Chris’ baby to sleep! Hurray!

Looking at the poll for the song last night…

We’ll continue a little longer with ‘Angels’ and we can make a good start on ‘Somewhere only we know’ which might be a lovely song for us to record next!? Our next two sessions are mornings so we’ll keep songs upbeat and jolly lovely for those, then our next evening session on the 30th November feels like a really good time to start Christmas singing in full!

See you next Wednesday morning!


Rehearsal Notes and Audio 12.02.22

NHSBT 12.10.22 Part 1
NHSBT 12.10.22 Part 2

ohh we had a lovely evening! We started work on ‘Angels’ as well as singing through some other sings which went down really well.

We are going to carry on working on ‘Angels’ as well as making a start on ‘We’ve only just begun’, ‘The Fear’ and ‘Pure Shores’.

And check this out!

Remember, the next session is on TUESDAY morning. It’s half term so if you have kids to come along and sing, please feel free to do so.