Together Again – Tutorials

This is our recording project for the conference in June – so we need to get cracking! I started teaching the harmony lines last night – you can catch up here if you missed it.

Here’s the teaching for the second half of the song

I’d like everyone to record the yellow part AND one other please! (The other parts go oooh and ahhh etc)

Here’s the guide on how to record yourselves…

These are the conducting videos for each part. You’ll need to be watching these while you record please- this keeps us in time as we would be if we were singing all in the same room.

When you’ve recorded your RED part, please upload it HERE

When you’ve ALL recorded your Yellow Part, please up load HERE

Greens, please upload your audio HERE

And last but not least… the blues!

If you’ve any questions – please get in touch!

Here’s the kari-ography for the chorus

And the folders to upload your singing to

And any silliness/dancing or outtakes

Rehearsal Plan 06.10.21 (8-9pm)

Here’s the plan!

Some sort of vocal warm up as ever… we might need to come back to this at the end the we are fully warmed up!!

Chasing Cars – this is what we’ve decided to record. We’ll go through the harmonies and also the style in which I’d like you to sing it. I’d like you ALL to record the yellow/green and then pick one other part to record.

Chasing Cars – ALL PARTS Guide Track
Chasing Cars – YELLOW AND GREEN TUNE – Guide Track.
Chasing Cars – RED – Guide Track
Chasing Cars – PINK – Guide Track
Chasing Cars – BLUE – Guide Track

I’d love to have a sing through of ‘With or Without You’

and a little go at ‘Fix You’

We’ll finish with a bit of ‘Waterloo’

and ‘Eternal Flame’

Conducting videos and links for uploading – A Little Respect – July 2021

Each part/colour has a specific conducting you tube video to follow and a folder to drop your audio into. It’s fairly straightforward. Please make sure your files are mp3 or m4a audio files.

You’ll need to record into a separate device from the one that you are watching the you tube video on to make sure you get a clean recording with no backing track – I can’t use them otherwise. Choose a quiet room with no dogs/washing machines/small children etc!

You can choose to record more than one part if you’d like a challenge. They will all need to be separate files sent to the correct folder please.


Please upload yellow/green here


Pleas upload your blue audio here


Please upload your red audio here

Any questions, please get in touch! x

One Day Like This – Harmonies

Ohh this looks like a tricky one but it’s really not that bad! As ever, I’ll be teaching this thoroughly so you don’t have to prepare in advance if you don’t have time.

One day like this GUIDE MASTER all parts
One day like this GUIDE Yellow (main tune)
One day like this GUIDE RED (high harmony)
One day like this GUIDE ORANGE (not as high as red, but higher than yellow)
One day like this GUIDE PINK (the highest of the high)
One day like this GUIDE GREEN (alto harmony – slightly lower than yellow)
One day like this GUIDE BLUE (tenor harmony – for all the guys and probably a few ladies)

Happy Ending – Harmonies

I won’t terrify you all by posting all the harmonies until I’ve taught them. There are 7 parts – you only have to learn one!!! I can’t tell you which part will suit you best – only you will know that. I’d always suggest picking your favourite and the one you like most which doesn’t strain your voice in either direction.

This is what all 7 parts sound like together……

Happy Ending ALL 7 parts GUIDE
Happy Ending Yellow 1 GUIDE
Happy Ending Yellow 2 GUIDE
Happy ending Orange GUIDE
Happy Ending Red GUIDE
Happy Ending Pink GUIDE
Happy Ending Green GUIDE
Happy Ending Blue GUIDE

California Dreamin’ Harmonies

I’ve arranged this in 3 parts -with just a tiny weeny little high bit at the end for the reds. The greens are actually quite high too. The blue isn’t that low. Any guys with really low voices could optional try the Yellow part an octave lower….

If you’re planning to learn this from the website, here’s how to go about it. I’d listen first to the ‘ALL’ version, then find your colour and listen to that on it’s own, singing along. Then go back to the ‘ALL’ version and see if you can hold your part.

It’s call and response, so the reds/yellows start (call) and the greens/blues respond – in harmony.

California Dreamin’ ALL Guide
California Dreamin’ RED/YELLOW Guide
California Dreamin’ GREEN Guide
California Dreamin’ BLUE Guide
California Dreamin GREEN/BLUE Guide

Little Respect – Harmonies

This song has a MASSIVE range which is why I usually sing it towards the end of a session to give people time to warm up their voices! Don’t ever stretch to notes you know you can’t hit, either high or low. Over time, your vocal range will develop and your range will naturally expand… if you look after your voice.

The tune for this is taken by the yellows and the greens – it’s quite a strong tune. The recording below has the red harmony added so you can hear where it goes. It’s VERY high!

Little Respect main tune (with red harmony)
Little Respect RED harmony (high)
Little Respect BLUE Harmony (low)

I’d suggest learning your part on it’s own first. The tune is obviously the easiest. Then you can attempt to keep your part as you sing along with the whole thing….

Little Respect – ALL PARTS (Guide Track)