Rehearsal Planning 12.10.22 – 8-9pm

Let’s get ourselves warmed up with some vocal stuff first before we get cracking on our next song, ‘Angels’.

I’ve arranged it into 3 parts. You can have a sneaky listen here.

Angels ALL Guide Master
Angels RED Guide Master
Angels YELLOW Guide Master
Angels GREEN Guide Master

This week’s throwback song is ‘Chasing Cars’ which we recorded ages ago!

We did talk a little bit about ‘We’ve only just begun’ so I’d like to teach the harmonies for the chorus section on that.

We’ll have a tea breakout for a short time then get back on it…

I’ve been singing ‘Green Green Grass’ with my community choir…

And I wonder if you’d like to sing ‘The Fear’ by Lily Allen?!

We’ll have a blast through ‘Waterloo’ which always goes down well

And let’s have a crack at ‘Pure Shores’

See you on Wednesday!

Together Again – Tutorials

This is our recording project for the conference in June – so we need to get cracking! I started teaching the harmony lines last night – you can catch up here if you missed it.

Here’s the teaching for the second half of the song

I’d like everyone to record the yellow part AND one other please! (The other parts go oooh and ahhh etc)

Here’s the guide on how to record yourselves…

These are the conducting videos for each part. You’ll need to be watching these while you record please- this keeps us in time as we would be if we were singing all in the same room.

When you’ve recorded your RED part, please upload it HERE

When you’ve ALL recorded your Yellow Part, please up load HERE

Greens, please upload your audio HERE

And last but not least… the blues!

If you’ve any questions – please get in touch!

Here’s the kari-ography for the chorus

And the folders to upload your singing to

And any silliness/dancing or outtakes

Rehearsal Plan 06.10.21 (8-9pm)

Here’s the plan!

Some sort of vocal warm up as ever… we might need to come back to this at the end the we are fully warmed up!!

Chasing Cars – this is what we’ve decided to record. We’ll go through the harmonies and also the style in which I’d like you to sing it. I’d like you ALL to record the yellow/green and then pick one other part to record.

Chasing Cars – ALL PARTS Guide Track
Chasing Cars – YELLOW AND GREEN TUNE – Guide Track.
Chasing Cars – RED – Guide Track
Chasing Cars – PINK – Guide Track
Chasing Cars – BLUE – Guide Track

I’d love to have a sing through of ‘With or Without You’

and a little go at ‘Fix You’

We’ll finish with a bit of ‘Waterloo’

and ‘Eternal Flame’