California Dreamin’ Harmonies

I’ve arranged this in 3 parts -with just a tiny weeny little high bit at the end for the reds. The greens are actually quite high too. The blue isn’t that low. Any guys with really low voices could optional try the Yellow part an octave lower….

If you’re planning to learn this from the website, here’s how to go about it. I’d listen first to the ‘ALL’ version, then find your colour and listen to that on it’s own, singing along. Then go back to the ‘ALL’ version and see if you can hold your part.

It’s call and response, so the reds/yellows start (call) and the greens/blues respond – in harmony.

California Dreamin’ ALL Guide
California Dreamin’ RED/YELLOW Guide
California Dreamin’ GREEN Guide
California Dreamin’ BLUE Guide
California Dreamin GREEN/BLUE Guide

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