Rehearsal Plan 01.06.22

I will talk to you all about the video for our project as well as running through the song one more time.

I’d like to have another go at learning the harmonies for 1000 years

I’d like to have a go at something new….

We’ll have a tea breakout and come back with some ‘Liberty Bangers’!

Let’s throw back to an old favourite of ours…

Back to this..

And to finish…. the platinum jubilee song!

Rehearsal Audio and Notes 25.05.22

Rehearsal from 25.05.22

Lovely to see you this windy grey morning!

We had a quick warm up and then worked on ‘Together Again’. You’ve got just over a week to get your audio recordings in!

Please do your audio recordings first concentrating on the sound. Once these are done, the video can be done later, concentrating on the picture!

I’d recommend you learn the yellow part first….. everyone record that….. then learn your additional part and record that – saves confusion for you all.

We talked about the style of the song and how to use a light voice with spaces between the words. The oohs are all long and flowing like toffee but the words are more like skittles (the sweets, not the ten pin variety).

With the video, I’m going to ask everyone to record themselves singing the whole song to camera and I’ll put a demo out of this in the next couple of days. The more personality we can get into the video the better. Even if it’s just dancing. And laughing. It’s all about YOU.

Here’s the chorus kari-ography

We finished with a rousing rendition of ‘Don’t leave me this way’ – brilliant!

Rehearsal Planning 25.05.22

We need to get a move on with our recording project!!

Today’s session will start with a warm up and then I’ll go through the harmonies on ‘Together Again’ and have a sing through.

I also need to talk about the video and make a start to allocate the sections I want people to film please.

If we’ve time, we’ll have a sing through of

We’ll end with something rousing and wonderful

Rehearsal Audio and Notes 11.05.22

NHSBT 11.05.22

We started with our warm up ‘Turn Around’ – thanks to everyone who got stuck in with this!

We learned the harmonies for the back half of ‘Together Again’ – you can hear it on the audio or there’s a link to the video teaching on the ‘Together Again Tutorials’ page on this website.

And just for the sheer fun of it, we sang 1000 years and Mr Brightside!

Thanks for all the comments saying that the session had set you up for the day. And thanks to Rosie for making an appearance.

Rehearsal Notes and Audio from 04.05.22

NHSBT 04.05.22 Part 1
NHSBT 04.05.22 Part 2

So lovely to see you last night!

We started with our usual warm up and enjoyed a sing through with our old recording of ‘Let It Be’ – can’t believe that was more than a year ago!

We started work on Together Again which is our recording project. There’s a separate blog post with the teaching linked to you tube for this from last night as well as the conducting videos and folders to load your audio to. I’ll be teaching this all again next week when we meet in the morning. I’d like EVERYONE to record a Yellow part (main tune) and one other harmony (more if you’re feeling like a challenge!) Our next sessions will be spent polishing this and making sure it’s the very best it can be.

We had a random sing through with Tiffany – I think we all love the 80s! After a short break we worked on the two part harmony for ‘1000 years’. It’s quite simple but really effective – we’ll do more with this.

We then sang ‘Little Lies’ and ‘Memories’ to finish.

And I’m delighted with this poll…

See you next Wednesday morning at 9am!

Together Again – Tutorials

This is our recording project for the conference in June – so we need to get cracking! I started teaching the harmony lines last night – you can catch up here if you missed it.

Here’s the teaching for the second half of the song

I’d like everyone to record the yellow part AND one other please! (The other parts go oooh and ahhh etc)

Here’s the guide on how to record yourselves…

These are the conducting videos for each part. You’ll need to be watching these while you record please- this keeps us in time as we would be if we were singing all in the same room.

When you’ve recorded your RED part, please upload it HERE

When you’ve ALL recorded your Yellow Part, please up load HERE

Greens, please upload your audio HERE

And last but not least… the blues!

If you’ve any questions – please get in touch!

Here’s the kari-ography for the chorus

And the folders to upload your singing to

And any silliness/dancing or outtakes

Rehearsal Planning Wednesday 4th May 8-9pm

Now starts the serious business of learning the song for our virtual recording and video! I would love as many people as possible to be included in this – please spread the word.

We’ll start with an old favourite! Our recording from last year.

Serious stuff now – let’s make a start on Together Again. It’s in 4 parts with the option for a solo…. if anyone feels brave enough….

And a little rest with something easy….

Tea Breakout etc then on to a bit more teaching

Let’s also have a sing through of this one…

And this….

I will create teaching videos for Together Again for anyone who misses the session and we’ll be continuing this in the next morning session. I’ll also be making decisions about the video and all of this needs to be DONE by 18th June to allow me time to mix and edit. Yikes! We can do it!!

Rehearsal Notes and Audio 27.04.22

Sooo lovely to see you all again this morning!

NHSBT 27.04.22 Zoom rehearsal

We sang all of our songs and look at the poll results!

Next week were are meeting 8-9pm and we’ll be working on ‘Together Again’ as our recording and video project. I’ll teach you the two parts for ‘1000 Years’ which is a really lovely version. And I’ll find some other loveliness for us to share and sing together.

Please spread the word about the choir! The more people that can benefit from the joy of singing the better. x See you next week.

Welcome Back! 27.04.22 (9-9.30am)

Here we are again! Happy as can be!

Here’s the link if you’ve lost it

Kari Olsen-Porthouse is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: NHSBT Liberty Singers (Weds)
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 858 9834 9771
Passcode: 568206

And here are our songs!

We’ll start with a warm up and a hello!

I’d like to have a sing through of this one

Let’s re-live one of our old recordings!

And have a crack at this for a bit of uplift

And we’ll finish with

I know some of you will have to dash off at 10am but I’ll stay online for chatting afterwards if anyone is free to hang around and catch up a bit more!