Rehearsal Planning 19.04.23 (8-9pm)

Welcome to the evening session! We have just a few weeks left to cram in as much fun/singing and laughing as possible.

Our next recording project will be a joint one with the ICU Liberty Singers and it’s Harbour – so we’ll start with that. I will be making conducting videos this week and setting the deadline etc.

Let’s move on to something uplifting and marvellous…

Let’s have another go at this lovely one – it’s in three parts but is harmonised all the way through!

We’ll have a tea breakout and then come back with Everybody’s Changing

And as we missed it during the last session…..

I’d like to run through Giant again with you all…

And let’s finish with one of our favourites….

Rehearsal Planning 12.04.23 (9-9.30am)

Yes! It’s the early session (bring children if you’re at home with them!)

We’ll have a sing through of Harbour again

And a sing through of Days

Let’s have a think about which one of those we might like to record next…… and have a go at this one….

I’m sure we must be getting into sunny summery weather….

And we’ll finish with a fab version on Angeleyes.

See you on Wednesday! xxxx