Rehearsal Planning 15.02.23 (9-9.30am)

Love is in the air! I mean, really, it is!

let’s also have a sing through of this classic – It must be love…

We’ll have another sing through of ‘Giant’

And a little bit of ‘Days’

And finish with a couple of songs we’ll be singing in public next month!

Rehearsal Planning 08.02.23 (8-9pm)

Ok, we’ll warm up.

I’ve decided to plough ahead with the recording of ‘Giant’. It’s a super-song and all of my choirs are learning it to make a project for all Liberty Singers. That’s about 300 singers! I’ll teach the harmonies for it carefully.

Let’s go back over ‘The Rose’ ahead of our first ever performance!

Little break and a new song for you to try…

And let’s go back to ‘Days’ which I’ve now harmonised and created parts for.

And let’s have a go at ‘Green Green Grass’ as a rousing finish!