Rehearsal Audio 14.12.22

NHSBT 14.12.22 Part 1
NHSBT 14.12.22 Part 2

And here’s your recording of ‘Somewhere only we know’!

Somewhere Only We Know NHSBT Master

We are back on Wednesday 4th January for the morning session!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Thanks for your continued support and singing.

Rehearsal Planning 14.12.22 – 8-9pm

Ring a linga linga ding dong ding!

Here’s goes the festive cheer! Let’s start traditional..

Let have a bit of this too…

And I’d like to present to you, your recording of ‘Somewhere only we know’

Little break – then back with something that might belike a Christmas present before we go on to the raucous singing starting with

(Please feel free to adjust the lyrics to suit you)

And let’s finish with 2 classic recordings from last year!

Rehearsal Audio 30.11.22

Please excuse my appalling lateness at getting this out. The Covid was quite horrible.

NHSBT 30.11.22 Part 1
NHSBT 30.11.22 Part 2

Remember, audio for the recording ‘Somewhere only we know’ is due on on Saturday at midnight. Or earlier. Particularly if you’re watching the football……