Rehearsal Planning 28.09.22 – 8-9pm

It’s our evening session this time! Hope lots of you can come along and share the singing joy.

We’ll have a warm up and get ourselves in the mood for singing.

I’d like to start with ‘Angels’ – we’ve talked about learning the harmonies and it has scored well in the polls.

While we are in this gentle mood, we’ll have one last sing through of the Rose – this is to be recorded by Saturday pretty please!!!

I’d like to have a go at Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – it’s become a massive favourite with my singers and you might just love it.

We’ll have a break, a chat etc. Then, let’s try this…

And back again over this

And we’ll finish on something else new….

Rehearsal Planning 21.09.22. 9-9.30am

An uplifting start to the day!

We’ll warm up. I’ll also do some exercises with you to help with the recording of ‘the Rose’ in terms of emotion, expression and diction.

We’ll learn the next bit of ‘The Rose’

I’d love to have a sing through of ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ from the new ABBA album with you to see what you think.

Then let’s stay with the Don’ts for the next two!


See you on Wednesday!

The Rose – Conducting Videos

Our next recording project is ‘The Rose’ which is a combined project with the ICU Liberty Singers. Very exciting! Anyone can record – just follow the videos below! If you’ve not done this before, then please have a look at the ‘how to record yourself’ video.

Here’s the RED part

Please upload your audio files here

Here’s the yellow (tune)

Please upload your audio here

The green and blues are together!

Please upload your audio here!


Rehearsal Planning 14.09.22 – 9-9.30am

Yippee! Let’s get the day started.

We’ll have a warm up to get us going.

We’ll work a little more on the Rose

We’ll have another sing through of ‘Angels’ as it went down really well last time.

Let’s lift our spirits with this old classic

I’d like a celebrate right back to our starting song.

And then send you on your very merry way with a lovely rousing bit of George Ezra!

Rehearsal Audio and Notes from 07.09.22

NHSBT 07.09.22 Part 1
NHSBT 07.09.22 Part 2

Lovely to see you all last night and to meet some new singers!

Our poll says it all

We’ll continue to work on The Rose/We are sailing next time as we will be jointly recording this with the ICU Choir this term.

We can also work more on Angels – I’ll arrange something x

Loved the responses to ‘how do you feel after singing’ last night xxxxx.

Welcome Back Rehearsal! 07.09.22 8-9pm

We are back with an evening session this week! Yippee!!

Let’s get cracking with some new songs as well as some old favourites! I’ve looked through some of the suggestions made in the WhatsApp group….

I’d very much like to have a good crack at The Rose as this is our next recording project with the ICU Liberty Singers.

I’m interested to see what you make of this one…..

And we said we’d have a go at this!

We’ll have a little bit of feel good singing too..

And finish singing along to one of our last recordings.

See you on Wednesday! If you can bring anyone along, please so! The more joy we can share the better it gets x