Sea Shanty Workshop 04.08.21

Can’t wait for this! Will be really exciting! Please invite any colleagues you think might enjoy it and family members are welcome. Pirate costumes/background etc all welcome!

Here’s what you’ll need:

You don’t need the sheet music, Debbie will teach everything by ear – bit some people like to look at it.

Rehearsal Notes and Audio 28.07.21

NHSBT 28.07.21 Zoom Rehearsal

Lovely to see some new faces!! Welcome (back) xxx

We started with ‘Walk the dinosaur’ as our warm up – I love it when you all join in!

We worked mostly on ‘Happy Ending’ with the two high harmonies at the start. We also talked about the type of gentle little voice for the start of this song. The building of the harmonies and tone of the song aren’t just simply about volume, it’s the emotion behind the singing!

The harmonies for ‘Happy Ending’ are on the website – you can have a listen but you’re not expected to prepare before sessions unless you want to.

We sang through “Africa’ and finished with ‘A Little Respect’

The recording deadline for ‘A Little Respect’ is Saturday 31st July at Midnight – I’ll be mixing it on Sunday and will present to you at our next session on Wednesday 4th August which will be an extended Sea Shanty workshop!!!!

Thank you for your energy and smiles today xxxx

Rehearsal Plan Wednesday 28.07.21 – 9.30am

Let’s have a warm up this week with ‘Walk the dinosaur’ – just for fun really! You won’t need the words, it’ll mostly be movement and Kari-o-graphy!

We’ll start working on ‘Happy Ending’ which was the song that topped the poll last week. It’s in many parts but don’t worry, I’ll take it really slowly for you.

I’d then like to sing ‘Africa’ again and possibly squeeze in the teaching for the chorus harmonies.

Let’s finish with ‘A Little Respect’ ready for recording if you haven’t done it already!

Rehearsal Notes and Audio 21.07.21

We had some lovely smiley faces today!

21.07.21 Rehearsal Audio

We did a breathing warm up and little bit of 1 121 12321 to get us started.

We had a sing through of ‘One day like this’ which was quite lovely.

We sang along with Toto to ‘Africa’ and I demonstrated where the harmonies go in my 3 part arrangement. Such a classic song!

‘Under the Boardwalk’ is a 4 part arrangement as we got the full force of my bass singer!

We finished with another run through of ‘Little respect’.

We’ll work on ‘Happy ending’ next time.

Conducting videos and links for uploading – A Little Respect – July 2021

Each part/colour has a specific conducting you tube video to follow and a folder to drop your audio into. It’s fairly straightforward. Please make sure your files are mp3 or m4a audio files.

You’ll need to record into a separate device from the one that you are watching the you tube video on to make sure you get a clean recording with no backing track – I can’t use them otherwise. Choose a quiet room with no dogs/washing machines/small children etc!

You can choose to record more than one part if you’d like a challenge. They will all need to be separate files sent to the correct folder please.


Please upload yellow/green here


Pleas upload your blue audio here


Please upload your red audio here

Any questions, please get in touch! x

Rehearsal Plan Wednesday 21st July 9.30am

Thanks to everyone who voted for the new songs!

Here’s the plan….

Let’s start with ‘One day like this’ as we haven’t sung it for a while

We’ll then have a sing through of the two new songs voted for on the poll.

Africa is in three parts

Under the boardwalk is in 4

We’ll finish with “A Little Respect’ as this is our recording project!

Please bring a cold drink! It’s soo hot!!!

See you in the morning.x

Rehearsal Notes and Audio 14.07.21 8pm

14.07.21 Zoom rehearsal audio

Thanks to all of our lovely singers tonight!

We started with Mr Brightside and learned the ending ‘I never’ part which slits into 4x

We had a little pick through ‘A Little Respect’ – more about the syncopation and how each word needs to be separated to get the nest out of the recording. We haven’t set a date for the recording yet but I’ll get the conducting videos out to you at the start of next week,

We then sang ‘Sweet Disposition’ and ‘Happy Ending’.

Rehearsal Plan 14.07.21 – 8.00pm

Here we go as we prepare to record our next song!!!

We’ll have a quick warm up (we’ll need it for Little Respect) with ‘Mr Brightside’ – I’ll teach you the harmonies for the ending. If you’re ever out and about with your mates singing it, you can wow them with this simple harmony line!

We’ll have a g through ‘A Little Respect’. I’ve already taught the harmonies so l’ll focus more on the dynamics (volume changes) and the way in which I’d like it to sound.

We’ll finish with ‘Sweet Disposition’ and ‘Happy Ending’

Rehearsal Notes and Audio 07.07.21

We had an internet drop out and so unfortunately the recording doesn’t include us singing ‘Three Lions on a Shirt’. My apologies! You’ll have to imagine that bit!

Partial rehearsal Audio 07.07.21

We went through some more of the harmonies for ‘A Little Respect’ – this is going to be our next recording!!! Next session I’ll go though the nuances of how it should song, how to make you voice hit the notes and the overall style of the piece. I’ll also go through the articulation so that when we record it, it’s the very best version it can be. All of the harmony parts are on the website if you want to have another listen.

I’d love as many people as possible to take part in the recording. It’s never too late to join us singing! If you can recruit anyone else, they’d be very welcome. If you’d like to sing more than one part, you’re welcome to do that too.

We then sang ‘Sweet Disposition’ and ‘Mr Brightside’ which went down rather well for a rainy Wednesday morning!

Thank you to everyone who came along to sing this morning. And thank you again for you patience.

Rehearsal Plan 07.07.21 9.30am

I’ll do a brief little warm up, it will probably involve singing ‘Three Lions on a Shirt’ ahead of the game tonight.

We’ll continue to work on ‘Little Respect’ as I have a sneaky feeling we might soon be ready for a recording!

I’d like to sing ‘Sweet Disposition’ again – it’s a cracking song once you get to know it a little better.

I’d also like to start singing ‘Mr Brightside’ – it can feel like a very boring song but I’ve created an arrangement which makes it much more interesting.

Looking forward to seeing you all!