Rehearsal Notes and Audio 30.06.21

NHSBT Rehearsal Audio 30.06.21

Lovely evening thanks everyone!

We did a few odd vocal warm ups – some lip trills which are harder than you think and some what I call ‘Professor Yaffle’. These weird sounds are quite handy for all types of singing.

We sang ‘Happy ending’ which is full of love and emotion.

We worked on ‘A Little Respect’ with the low harmony in the second verse as well as the high harmony. It’s in three parts but the extreme ends really are quite extreme! The harmonies are on the website if anyone would like to have another listen x

We then sang ‘One day like this’ and our old recording of ‘Let it be’.

The poll says it all

And I love this one……

Rehearsal Plan 30.06.21 8pm

We’ll do some lovely vocal warm ups making some odd sounds (these are great if you;re about to speak for long periods of time, if you’re presenting for example or need to speak in meetings either online or in person. Just saying!)

We’ll work a little more on ‘Happy Ending’ working further into the song with some more harmony parts.

We’ll start on some of the high harmonies on ‘A Little Respect’ – the warm ups will have come in handy here!

‘One day like this’ – If there’s time, I’ll take you through some of the lower harmonies.

And to finish, we’ll go back in time and sing along to our own recording of ‘Let it be’ created last March.

Looking forward to seeing you all – bonus brownie points if ANYONE can get any MEN along to join us!

Rehearsal Notes and Audio 23.06.21

NHSBT Liberty Singers 23.06.21 Zoom Rehearsal

We started with some vocal warm ups exploring the different voices we have and how to use articulation. Apologies these aren’t on the recording – we’ll be going over to all again. And probably again!

We sang through ‘One day like this’ keeping an ear out for where the harmonies are. The harmony parts are on the website if anyone fancies a listen between sessions – I will be teaching each one so there’s no need to prepare unless you want to.

‘Happy ending’ – we did most of our work on this! The arrangement I’ve created starts in unison and has little pockets of harmony peeping through. We don’t want to give everything away right a the start! There’s some high harmony in the first section which we went through. Then back to unison. We then get back to the ‘Mika’ section where we remain in unison again with just a little flash of high harmony on the end lines.

Next time, we’ll go over the oohhhssss which are under and over the next chorus of ‘this is the way you left me’

We finished with a rousing sing of ‘Little Respect’! Lovely energy and smiles all round – thank you all.

Rehearsal Plan Wednesday 23rd June 9.30am

We’ll do a vocal warm up to reach some top and bottom notes.

I’d then like to have a sing through of ‘One Day Like This’ – to see if we can remember what we learned at the back half of the song last time.

Our main work focus this session will be ‘Happy Ending’ – I’ll pop the harmony parts up in full after the session – there are 7 parts! Lots of them are quite high (but this doesn’t stop me from wanting to get a few more MEN along to join us……)

We’ll finish with ‘A Little Respect’ and if there’s time, ‘California Dreamin’.

Looking forward to seeing you all! Remember, the doors are never closed to new singers – even if they think they can’t sing or they can only make a few session here and there. The positive impact on mental health of singing is best shared so please invite your colleagues to join us if they can!

Kari x

NHS Birthday Celebration

Please join us for our special free singing session bring together the ICU Liberty Singers, The Skincredible Liberty Singers and the NHSBT Liberty Singers! Half an hour to catch up, sing and have a laugh.

Kari Olsen-Porthouse is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Happy Birthday NHS!
Time: Jul 5, 2021 08:45 PM London

Kari Olsen-Porthouse is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Happy Birthday NHS!
Time: Jul 5, 2021 08:45 PM London

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Meeting ID: 857 1809 6233
Passcode: 419504

Please invite any of your colleagues you think might enjoy it!

Rehearsal Notes and Audio 16.06.21

Thanks to everyone who came along sing tonight!

We warmed up ‘The Bongo Song’ – I love you lot! You just get on with it!

We did some work on top notes and bottom notes. It’s possible to increase your range just by using the extremes of your range but please never try to hit a note if it hurts!

We started to learn the harmony on ‘Little Respect’. The whole of the first section is in unison (sung all together) but you really need to warm up as the range is massive in this song. The lowest part (blue) sounds ooohhhhh before it comes back in with the echo of the words. These harmonies can be found on this website. The red part is HIGH!! And I mean REALLY HIGH! Don’t risk it unless you’re a proper soprano…..

Sweet Disposition – just a sing through of this song because I know not everyone is familiar with it.

One day like this – we worked from the back of this song with the ‘throw your curtains wide’ section. This is from 3 mins 17 of the tracks which can be found on the website. Everyone starts with the same tune then the yellows keep that tune whilst one by one, each colour peels off away from the tune.

And then we ran out of time!!!!! Oh no!

Quick poll to sing ‘Happy ending’ which went down really well!

NHSBT Liberty Singers 16.06.21 Zoom rehearsal

We’ll have a really good go at Happy Ending next time x

I’m always interested to hear how singing makes people feel. This poll really made my heart sing tonight x

One Day Like This – Harmonies

Ohh this looks like a tricky one but it’s really not that bad! As ever, I’ll be teaching this thoroughly so you don’t have to prepare in advance if you don’t have time.

One day like this GUIDE MASTER all parts
One day like this GUIDE Yellow (main tune)
One day like this GUIDE RED (high harmony)
One day like this GUIDE ORANGE (not as high as red, but higher than yellow)
One day like this GUIDE PINK (the highest of the high)
One day like this GUIDE GREEN (alto harmony – slightly lower than yellow)
One day like this GUIDE BLUE (tenor harmony – for all the guys and probably a few ladies)

Rehearsal Plan 16.06.21 8pm

Here’s the plan….. we sang through the songs on the 9th and we’ve polled to see the most popular. This will always inform my planning.

We’ll have a warm up. I’d like to teach you how to reach your high notes because there are so many coming your way!

We’ll have a sing through of ‘A Little Respect’ – it’s in three parts and the harmonies are all on your website. I’ll take a section and we’ll work on it together. You’re not expected to prepare ahead of the sessions – it’s totally optional.

Sweet Disposition – we’ll have a sing through of this.

One day like this. I’d like to take you through the throwing curtains section at the end! It builds and builds……

We’ll then move on to Happy Ending – we’ll see how much learning we can get done on this one. I’ll be trying to get the sweetest voice and sound out of everyone for this.

Let’s finish with ‘California’ Dreamin’ – it’s always good to finish on one we know xxx

Happy Ending – Harmonies

I won’t terrify you all by posting all the harmonies until I’ve taught them. There are 7 parts – you only have to learn one!!! I can’t tell you which part will suit you best – only you will know that. I’d always suggest picking your favourite and the one you like most which doesn’t strain your voice in either direction.

This is what all 7 parts sound like together……

Happy Ending ALL 7 parts GUIDE
Happy Ending Yellow 1 GUIDE
Happy Ending Yellow 2 GUIDE
Happy ending Orange GUIDE
Happy Ending Red GUIDE
Happy Ending Pink GUIDE
Happy Ending Green GUIDE
Happy Ending Blue GUIDE

California Dreamin’ Harmonies

I’ve arranged this in 3 parts -with just a tiny weeny little high bit at the end for the reds. The greens are actually quite high too. The blue isn’t that low. Any guys with really low voices could optional try the Yellow part an octave lower….

If you’re planning to learn this from the website, here’s how to go about it. I’d listen first to the ‘ALL’ version, then find your colour and listen to that on it’s own, singing along. Then go back to the ‘ALL’ version and see if you can hold your part.

It’s call and response, so the reds/yellows start (call) and the greens/blues respond – in harmony.

California Dreamin’ ALL Guide
California Dreamin’ RED/YELLOW Guide
California Dreamin’ GREEN Guide
California Dreamin’ BLUE Guide
California Dreamin GREEN/BLUE Guide